Precision Fruit and Antiques

what's in season

From the first spring rain to the last fallen leaves, the fruits and vegetables in the valley have their favorite growing seasons.  Below is a comprehensive guide to the freshest produce and when the produce should be at the stand.  Remember, produce has its own timing so if you are planning a trip to the stand for a certain item, you may always call and check availability.

Freestone peaches start towards the end of July and run though October.

Yakima has every apple there is and start in August with galas and early goldens. Apples finish by November with varieties like pink lady. 

Garlic and Onions June-October
Zucchini June-October
Cherries Late June-early July
Nectarines Late June-early July
Beans, Green July-October
Beets July-October
Watermelon July - October
Squash July-frost
Potatoes July-Nov
Carrots July-Oct
Cantaloupe July-October
Corn, Sweet July-October
Cucumbers July-October
Melons July-October
Peaches July-October
Tomatoes July-October
Peppers Aug 1- frost
Apples Aug-Nov
Eggplant Aug-October
Hops Aug-October
Okra Aug-October
Plums Aug-October
Prunes Aug-October
Pears Aug-October
Corn, Indian October
Grapes Sept-October
Pumpkins Sept-October
Onions Mid-Sept on
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